Keep doing what you love

You want to keep doing the sports you love, without putting any unnecessary wear and tear on your joints and muscles in the process.

The goal of corrective exercises and stretches is to find your posture and movement imbalances, including any joint limitations, so that you can correct them right away.  Imbalances can go unnoticed and hidden, sneaking up on us slowly over time.

When you follow a plan to correct these imbalances, you are taking a positive step towards doing away with chronic pain and further injury later on.

How did my body become out of balance? 

Very few of us are immune to causing imbalance to our postures and movement.  Think about the demanding sports such as golf and tennis where you use just one side of your body most of the time.  Even sitting for prolonged periods at work will create asymmetry in your posture.

A simple thing to correct 

You’ll want to be proactive and treat this kind of damage and nip it in the bud before it gets any worse—it’s a simple process once we know your personal history of movements and their patterns.  Most of the time, these movements are totally imperceptible to you and easy to correct!

Next steps—just for you

We’ll first design a plan of personalized exercises that are geared to getting your balance back.  These exercises and stretches will be specific to your posture, your level of activity, and your personal health and history.

Your brand of life

You’ve always set high goals, trained hard, and played hard—that’s your kind of lifestyle.  You’re that kind of athlete and sports enthusiast who doesn’t believe in limitations.   We don’t believe in limitations either, so let’s get started in designing the perfect exercises and stretches that will work for you!

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