The art of staying functional

There is no room in your athletic lifestyle to have any difficulty in doing the activities you’ve always been able to do.

When you’ve had a temporary set back in your life, and you are impaired from injury or a medical event, a personalized functional training program will help to take your independence back—so you can start to enjoy your life to the max again.

How it works

Functional training is a specialized type of training, and it may be something entirely new to you. The main strategy is to follow a series of exercises that mimic the movement you used to master. If you were a marathon runner, you would practice exercises for running and endurance. If you were a construction worker, you would train on exercises that are best suited for heavy lifting.

Top 3 goals

You want to get back to your top performance, and we want you to succeed.  You’ll have much more success when your goals are realistic and they mirror your daily tasks. You will get there faster—with much more success.  Working together, we’ll focus our energy on reaching your top three goals:

  1. Mastering functional independence
  2. Mastering a specified movement related to a functional task
  3. Mastering the ability to incorporate a sense of balance into specified movement

Going the distance

Your trainer will integrate a variety of exercises into your plan. More than core training, you will be working with tailor-made exercises designed for you and no one else. Formulated expressly for you and your state of health and history, you will work to restore your capabilities such as:

  • Flexibility
  • Core
  • Balance
  • Multiple movements

The key to reaching your top 3 goals depend on real-life simulation and the use of specially designed objects that resemble those you use in everyday life. All it takes is your positive attitude combined with our progressive strategies and encouraging feedback.

Your brand of life

You’ve always set high goals, trained hard, and played hard—that’s your kind of lifestyle. You’re that breed of people who can’t be held down—and we can’t wait to be there with you to get you going again!

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