You’ve got something extra special in your life—you’re going to have a baby!

The only thing that can make this experience even more extraordinary is some tender loving-care for you—the new mom.

You might think that prenatal chiropractic care and postnatal massage is a bit self-indulgent or even unnecessary!  But actually, chiropractic treatment and massage have been proven to have countless medical benefits— for you and your newborn.

Pregnancy—your body knows what to do

As soon as you become pregnant, your body starts to prepare itself for a natural and successful birth and delivery. 

Most of the changes you go through are physical and hormonal— and extremely beneficial for the two of you.  But, as your center of gravity shifts (and you gain some extra pounds) you may find that your spine is not as straight and aligned as it was before your pregnancy.

When your spine is adjusted while you’re pregnant, your pelvis becomes more balanced which is great for your baby—it will give him an ideal positioning and room to grow.  Why is this so important? You and your baby will have:

  1. An easier and safer delivery
  2. More chance for a natural birth
  3. Minimized stress

Post delivery—TLC time for mom

We know it.  You are giving incredible amounts of TLC as a new mom!  Round the clock care, feeding, changing, and trying to get some shut-eye in the process.  It’s the most difficult job on the planet.

Massage therapy is one of the best things you can do to replenish your energy and to get feeling like yourself again.  When you think of it, your body has been through unbelievable amounts of change and stress.  It’s only normal to feel like you need something that will give you some well deserved pampering and relief!

What will massage do for me as a new mom?

We can’t begin to tell you the benefits of postnatal massage.  The relief from body aches and sore muscles is the one that typically comes to mind—but there are so many more.  Here are the ones we think you’ll enjoy the most:

  1. Relaxation, relaxation, relaxation—increased circulation will take away stress
  2. Improved energy—promotes rest and better sleep throughout the night
  3. C-section recovery—eases swelling and reduces fluids
  4. Balanced hormones—promotes feelings of well-being and increases breast milk
  5. Flexibility—promotes agility, ease of lifting, and mobility

During pregnancy & after pregnancy

At Del Mar Chiropractic Sports, you have a team in place during and after pregnancy!

Your chiropractor and massage therapist will work with you as a team—your chiropractor focuses on spinal alignment and your therapist takes care of your muscles and surrounding tissues.

Your personal brand of motherhood

You’ve always set high goals, trained hard, and played hard when it comes to sports.  And as a new mom, you have a whole new set of goals to accomplish.  Let’s get you back to feeling great—like the mom you were meant to be!

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