Don't let surgery stop you from the life you want to live

There’s no reason on earth that surgery should keep you from being in great physical condition.  This is true even if you’re not an athlete and you just want to get back to your strength and everyday lifestyle quickly.

Before surgery

Like most people we know, you’re probably more familiar with post-surgery strengthening!  Did you know that if you start exercising before your operation, you would heal much faster and with far less pain?

Here are the facts about pre-surgery strengthening:

  • Faster healing from increased blood flow and reduced inflammation
  • Muscles, bones, and joints are healthier and less stiff/sore after surgery
  • Greater overall strength to resume normal activities much sooner
  • Increased mobility and pain relief
  • Promotes optimum movement patterns to create balance and weight bearing
  • Promotes health and fitness

Ideally, you will want to start six weeks before your surgery date. The benefits for pre-surgery strengthening are mind-boggling—and even better, you will get your mind off your surgery and you will be much more relaxed and confident going in!

After surgery

Forget everything your mamma told you about bed rest after surgery! Yes, it’s important, but not as much as the experts previously thought. Post-op exercise is not so much about rehab anymore—it’s really more about feeling good again, injury prevention, and getting back to your normal body movements ASAP.

We hear you.  You’ve had a major operation, and getting out of bed is tough as it is—never mind giving your body a work out on top of that. But, the good news is there are so many benefits, that you will want to shoot right off your bed after you hear them.

Here are the facts about post-surgery strength:

  • Prevents life-threatening blood clots
  • Restores muscle strength, mobility, and flexibility
  • Ability to regain normal movement and activities much sooner
  • Promotes natural pain relief
  • Training on proper movements for injury prevention
  • New techniques and equipment that are gentle with fast results

The key to getting back to normal is following the plan that is customized just for you. When you ramp up slowly, without overdoing it, you will have the best chance for success. You’ll go at your own pace, with the best equipment and techniques that were not around in your parents’ day!

Getting back to normal—your way

You’ve always set high goals, trained hard, and played hard—that’s your kind of lifestyle. You’re that breed of people who can’t be held down—and we can’t wait to be there with you to get you going again!

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