You have no time to waste putting up with muscle tightness and stiffness that affect your performance

You’re a special breed—you’re an athlete.

Our sports massage therapists are up to the task.  They’ll give you a deep tissue massage that is designed to make those overused and stressed muscles feel relaxed and ready for action once again.  Let’s get you back to the sports you love.

Muscles sore? No problem!

You want to get your muscles back normal so you can perform your sport to the max, and we want you to succeed. 

Sports/deep tissue massage is geared to all types of athletes in all kinds of sports.  It is one of the best restorative things you can do for yourself as an athlete.  It gives you the chance to get your muscles, and connective tissue, back to normal so you can be:

  1. More flexible for optimal performance
  2. Relieved from soreness and pain

Bring on your “A Game”

You depend on your body for agility and performance—and when your muscles are sore, you simply aren’t bringing you’re “A Game”.

When injury or chronic muscle tension occurs, adhesions are formed in your muscles, tendons, and ligaments.  This build-up of lesions is what limits your circulation, limits your movement, and causes the recurring pain.

At Del Mar Chiropractic, you have a team in place.  Both specialists, your chiropractor and massage therapist, will work with you together—your chiropractor focuses on structural alignment and your therapist tackles the breakdown of adhesions in your muscles and surrounding tissues.

Your brand of athlete

You’ve always set high goals, trained hard, and played hard.  Whether you’re just learning how to surf or you’re a world-class surfing champion, we’ll get you back to peak performance—and the athlete you are!

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