Let’s get you back to the sports you love.

Ready to bounce back—3 goals for pro athletes, competitors, and everyday enthusiasts

You want to get back on track, and we want you to succeed.  Our experience tells us that when you stay focused on your goals, you will get there faster—with much more success.  Working together, we’ll focus our energy on your three most important goals:

  1. Get you back your to peak physical condition
  2. Improve your overall athletic performance
  3. Prevent new injuries

You’ve got this

You’re used to placing a lot of demand on your body—your muscles, your bones, and your joints.  We’ll be helping you to work your body just a little bit differently—with a team of specialists who operate with just you and your recovery in mind.

Special Teams

 You’ll need some special coaches to get you back to into recovery mode.  At Del Mar Chiropractic sports, you will be able to work with a select group of Sports Therapists who have no other goal than to help you reach your highest priority of bouncing back to the high performance you expect.

Your specialists will lead you back into the game with all the tools and technology available in one place: manual therapy, stretching and exercise programs, sports massage, electrotherapies, and prevention awareness.  You will follow a specific plan of action geared entirely for you—to include the following:

Manual therapy—hands on physical manipulation for your joints/muscles to increase range of motion, activate your comfort level and trigger faster healing

Stretches and exercises—skilled guidance to make sure you are doing just the right stretches and exercises to increase flexibility for the part of the body that needs it most

Medical massage—expert sport massage that revitalizes your muscles, corrects your joint alignment, and minimizes the build up of scar tissue

Electrotherapy and Local Modalities— treatments that stimulate your bones and tissues such as laser, ultrasound, heat and ice systems—technology that is specifically designed to make you feel great throughout the process

Prevention—professional coaching and training, geared specifically to you, so that you understand how to avoid new or similar injuries in the future

Your brand of athlete

You’ve always set high goals, trained hard, and played hard.  Whether you’re an ice skater having her first competition or a pro football player with Super Bowl win, we’ll get you back to peak performance—and the athlete you are!

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